25/09/2018: The New version 18.1SP3 of ScanNav is available
09/04/2018: New April 2018 editions of SnMap charts now Available
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update: 25-09-2018
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ScanNav Compagnon is an Android version issued from our knowledge on developping the Windows version of ScanNav, and on users needs. It supports both Android phones or tablets devices, starting from Android 2.2 (Froyo), and up to the latest version (4.4 KitKat at the time of writing).
This first version is dedicated to charts from our SnMap offer, and is offered free of charge when buying a pack. You can therefore use your charts on both your ScanNav Windows version and Compagnon version without additional cost. Main functionalities are:
  • Very fluid graphic rendering of charts in Seamless mode.
  • Intuitive ergonomics with multi-touch.
  • Creation of waypoints and routes.
  • GPS Navigation with recorded track, target waypoint followup, and configurable repeat displays (Speed, Heading, ETA, etc...)
  • Usage of internal GPS, or any external NMEA183 source via wifi (lets you run on low cost tablets without integrated gps) (wifi support from version 2.9)
  • Management of  objects data bases (wrecks, ports, etc...) in layers, with Search and Filter capabilities
  • Auto-Save and GPX file import/export
  • Interface available in French, English, and German (and auto translation for Spanish, Portuguese, Italian)
For more information on ScanNav Compagnon,  the installation procedure, or the versions history, please visit the documentation here:  DocSNCompagnon.pdf (available in French, English version to come)


Please read the documentation related to installation before downloading. 

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