22/06/2018: The New version 18.1SP2 of ScanNav is available
09/04/2018: New April 2018 editions of SnMap charts now Available
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Cartographic offer

update: 18-10-2014
ScanNav supports the following charts: Click on the following links to acces to the corresponding offers.
These are the Official vector charts issued directly from the different nations' Hydrographic Offices, according to the SOLAS convention for human safety at sea.
They are available by predefined packs or by custom selection of individual charts, and can be downloaded with an Internet connection
nouveauNew areas available This raster charts offer is derived from data provided by the SHOM (France), UKHO (United Kingdom+Irlande, & Spain+Portugal), and Navimap (Italy).
Charts are updated twice a year. Although the look is similar, they are not scanned from paper charts, but issued from the printing films, which eliminates manipulation errors, and facilitates regular updates.
This offer requires ScanNav version 12.1 or higher, or the new "ScanNav Compagnon" version for Android

Navionics charts

These are private vector charts, edited by Navionics and packaged by area on SD-Cards or CF-Cards.
They are supported in ScanNav starting from version 8.0 and upper.

These are private raster chart scanned by Maptech from the original paper charts. They are packaged by area available on DVD or CD rom.
For more information on the different types of charts we recommend reading the SHOM articles available at:

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