04/12/2019: New version 20.0 of ScanNav available Check what's new
23/10/2019: New October 2019 edition of Raster SnMap Charts and Vector SnMap Charts
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Version 20.0

ScanNav Versions History

maj: 04-12-2019
Version 20 History
04/12/2019: Version 20.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2019)
  • Routing module: Improvement of the algorithm, and new concepts of passage points versus turning points. More information in the updated documentation of the routing module.
  • Radar PC Module: This new module, designed to work with Koden brand PC radars, allows the Overlay of the radar image on top of your charts. It is available in Beta version as of version 20.0 of ScanNav. Please contact us for more information. The module will be made available to all with version 20.1, which will be released during spring of 2020.
  • Various ergonomic improvements
  • New Grib models available for currents
  • Various bug fix
  • SnMap Charts: new October 2019 edition. Click on the following links for more information on the Raster SnMap offer, and the Vector SnMap offer.
Version 19 History
31/05/2019: Version 19.1SP1
  • New Features:
    • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2019/2020 (data valid up to 1/1/2021)
    • Improvement of the "Visible Area" tool to ease creation of waypoints (please refer to documentation).
  • Improvements/Corrections:
    • Fixed an issue on the Routing to pass the 180 ° meridian.
    • Additional support of Grib files, and improved parameterization of the SailGrib RTOFS model interface.
12/05/2019: Version 19.1
  • New Features:
    • New SnMap Vector Offer derived from ENCs. Click here to view the coverage.
    • New SAR (Search and Rescue) module: Search Patterns
    • Download and Installation of SnMap charts integrated in ScanNav
    • Version available in Spanish
  • Various improvements:
    • Distance to Waypoint independant Repeater
    • Arcachon current integration from SHOM map data
    • Optimisation of loading / display of Raster SnMap charts especially when zoomed out
    • New "Include World global shoreline" Option in the Recent Chart Libraries window
    • Various ergonomic improvements
  • Corrections:
    • AIS: When a boat is stopped, or if the anti-collision is not active, the distances and bearings of the targets remain at 0.
    • Workaround of a Navionics issue on installation of Navionics chart 43XG
    • Routing: correction of a small rounding error on the last isochron, that resulted in the chosen route not being the direct route, even with engine only and without currents
  • SnMap Charts: new April 2019 edition. Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
17/03/2019: Version 19.0SP2
  • Various corrections
23/12/2018: Version 19.0SP1
  • Correction of an installation issue on Navionics charts without any SonarChart
03/12/2018: Version 19.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2018)
  • Instruments and Sensors: Taking into account new instruments and sensors in repeaters and track-log.Click for details (at end of document)
  • Tracks analysis: New configurable interface completely revised, with possibility to add all types of sensors. Click for details
  • Strong performance improvement, especially on heavy tracks with numerous points.
  • Improved touch interface on tracks analysis
  • Polar file support improvements
  • Auto-Save: Periodic Auto-Save of objects in background (configurable period) Click for details
  • Navionics: Support of the Navionics SonarChart offer. Click for details
  • Recent Charts library interface to let you switch charts library very easily. Click for details
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and Corrections
  • NmeaPlayback: Support of the Standard NMEA183 V4 Tagblocks
  • SnMap Charts: new October 2018 edition. Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.

Version 18 History
24/09/2018: Version 18.1SP3
  • Strong performance improvement on long track display
  • Fixed various bugs
    • Crash linked to the contextual menu, followed by the opening of the file menu while the context menu is still open.
    • Problems taking into account the tidal coefficient when calculating routings using multiple current files.
    • The "Show Names" option on the AIS preferences tab was not kept between sessions
    • Small inconsistencies on installation of ENC updates, after manual manipulation of the charts library
22/06/2018: Version 18.1SP2
  • Correction of the "Best Start" routing function (was no more effective in version 18.1SP1).
  • Correction of the "APB" Nmea output sentence (generated a false arrival alarm on some pilots)
21/06/2018: Version 18.1SP1
  • Strong performance improvements in the display of the Track Analysis curves, especially on heavy tracks.
  • Fixed potential crashes in the Routing module
    • 1 - If you select an invalid Grib file in the routing grib file chooser
    • 2 - If you select a new routing (via the context menu on an existing route), while a Routing is still being calculated. This crash is neither systematic nor necessarily immediate.
  • Minor display bug fixes
06/06/2018: Version 18.1
  • Guides: click here for details
    • Integration of SHOM wreck database
    • Ergonomic improvements
    • Background work for preparing new guides
  • Routing click here for more details
    • Use of multiple currents or grib files .
    • Separation of input parameters for new routing, calculated routes
  • Gribs click here for more details
    • Improvements to the gribs download interface
    • Unique interface for downloading both fixed areas and by selection on the screen
    • Interface with new providers (SailDocs, OpenSkiron ...)
    • Highlighting of coverage limits
    • Ability to filter providers.
  • ENC management improvements click here for more details
    • Localisation of labels
    • Display of cell names
    • Improvements on the installation process
  • Various improvements (see release notes)
    • New interface for the visible area tool.
    • Guides and Object layers now use a common non modal selector with easier use
    • The Analysis window is more easily configurable.
    • Enhanced KML and GPX export to overcome import issues by some external programs
    • Import waypoints files in text format.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes
  • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2018/2019 (valid up to 31/1/2020)
  • SnMap Charts: new April 2018 edition
  • Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
1/12/2017: Version 18.0/18.0SP1 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2017)
  • Interface with new Guides: click here for more details
  • Internal work resulting in increased performances on several features.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and corrections
  • SnMap Charts: new October 2017 edition
  • Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
Note: Version SP1 just brings the correction of a broken link in the installation.

Version 17 History
7/6/2017:Version 17.1SP1
    Correction potential crash issue in the Routing module
1/6/2017:Version 17.1
  • Router Module Enhancements:
    • (Best Start Calculator)
    • Route Plan and Best Start tables
    • Import/Export improvements (performance and selection of items to be copied)
    • Review of ergonomics, especially on the logic of selection of Grib files
    • Download / Install of shore contours
    • Various other ergonomic points
  • Grib module Enhancements:
    • Interface with new Grib vendors:Great Circle and SailDocs
    • Improved Mail interface
    • Possibility to add/update models independently of ScanNav versions
  • Installation / Ergonomics:
    • Improved default settings
    • The menu "?" Becomes "Help?" For better visibility
    • Various other ergonomic points
  • Bugs corrections:
    • Fixed license activation issue with accents
    • Fixed ScanNav exit on query images of Navionics Platinum charts
    • Fixed waypoint approach alarm sounds (was only active if both enabled)
  • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2017/2018 (valid up to 1/1/2019)
  • SnMap Charts:
    • New April 2017 Edition of all existing packs
    • New pack covering Netherlands and Belgium
    • New Planning charts Pack Free of charge for all up to date license.
    • Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
1/12/2016:Version 17.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2016)
  • New ROUTING and Polar module: click here for more details
  • Remote Anchor Drift Alarm connected with DSC (please refer to the AIS/ASN/ARPA module documentation)
  • New source for Waves Gribs: Support of the MFWAM model issued by Meteo France
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and corrections
  • SnMap Charts:
    • New pack covering Croatia
    • Last update of packs: October 2016

Version 16 History
1/5/2016:Version 16.1
  • New features to pilot your Icom DSC VHF, to enable you to call remote stations, send Position Requests, or Positions Reports, as well as an automatic tracking function based on DSC capabilities. These new features are enabled with the AIS optional module, although they do not need AIS hardware, but just a DSC VHF (refer to the updated AIS documentation for more details).
  • Several other new features and enhancements in the AIS module, including MMSI lists management,  display improvements with  possibility to tune targets  names and/or colors , to distinguish ships according to their status or inclusion in lists, automatic creation of MMSI database, support of SAR and text messages, ergonomics improvements, etc... (refer to the updated AIS documentation for more details)
  • General improvements on ergonomics, especially on the different context menus, visual choice of waypoint symbols, memorization of default values on route creation, KML and other formats export, etc..
  • Possibility to visualize received/sent NMEA sentences in a window for each individual connected instrument
  • New SHOMAR Edition: SNTides now includes the SHOM's latest Shomar engine for tides heights calculations (edition 2016/2017 valid up to 31/1/2018)
  • Correction of issues reading Navionics charts, especially when corrupted files are present in the folder.
  • A few other minor bugs fix
  • ScanNav is now available in German
  • Improvements of the NMEA Playback module: Recent files, possibility to configure the network with IP masks for UDP connexions, better positionning inside a log file by visualizing the corresponding dates... See documentation in pdf
  • SnMap charts
    • New April 2016 edition of SnMap Chart Packs
    • Please click here to check packs coverage and latest updates
1/12/2015:Version 16.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2015)
  • New NMEA Playback module: This new module, lets you replay NMEA logs or ScanNav track files, with the possibility to tune the replay speed, and/or jump at specific times in the log.  See documentation in pdf
  • Enhancements of GRIB and Currents modules:
    • Support of precipitations from Grib files issued from the High resolution AROME and ARPEGE models of Meteo-France
    • Improvements of display performances of transparent layers of Grib and currents modules.
    • The Grib Download interface is now launched in another background process, letting you continue interacting with ScanNav while downloading. The User interface remains unchanged, apart from a new "On Top" option that lets you keep the download dialog on top of the main window.

Version 15 History
26/10/2015:Version 15.3
  • Enhancements of GRIB and Currents modules
    • New Grib service providing high resolution models AROME and ARPEGE issued by MeteoFrance
    • Support of new data types (Wind Gust, Water temperatures, Stokes Drift)
    • Support of multi-level Grib files
    • New Grib service providing Mediterranean currents issued from Mercator-Ocean (MyOcean)
  • Other improvements
    • Display Performance improvements
    • New Compas Heading line in addition to the Ground Heading line.
    • Improved ergonomics to choose/enter class names
    • Memorisation of settings of Web Layers between sessions
    • Check for existing updates directly from the menu "?"
    • Uninstallation directly from the Windows start menu without having to go in control panel
  • Corrections
    • Display issue on the interface buttons that could "squeeze" when changing Windows display settings
    • Display issue of some Waypoints imported from GPX format
    • Issue on graphic properties of routes not memorized when created from a waypoints list.
    • Loss of the Tracks Analysis window when switching from mullti-screen to single-screen.
  • SnMap charts
    • New October 2015 Edition of SnMap Chart Packs
    • Please click here to check packs coverage and latest updates
29/6/2015:Version 15.2
  • Support of Window 8.1 tablets internal GPS
  • Usability enhancements for better accessibility on tablets and touch screens in general:
    • Touch Interface with 2 fingers Zoom and Pan, and Long press to emulate the mouse right click
    • Better accessiblity in touch mode for the different interface elements (buttons, lists, etc ..) as well as objects in the map (selection of objects etc ...)
    • Adaptation of the size of different components depending on the resolution, to be more visible on high resolution screens (size of the boat and AIS targets, line thickness, etc ...)
    • Fixed inaccessibility of tooltips without the mouse.
    • Corrections on the positioning of repeaters and other windows after rotating tablets between landscape & portrait.
    • Smoother display on tablets with touch screen.
  • Improvements in the management of toolbars
    • The GPS status is reflected in the background color of the GPS button.
    • Better distinction of the buttons' active state by customizing the background color and borders of active buttons.
    • Fixed refresh issues of toolbars when in vertical mode.
    • Improved usability of floating toolbars (not docked to an edge of the screen).
  • New Grib service for Noaa WW3 model (swell) with a grid step of 0.5°
  • Improvements in the screen rendering engine for increased fluidity.
  • Fixed various bugs
      - Issue on ENCs updates related to the presence of old permits.
      - Issue with Grib and Currents tooltips that perturbated common dialogs interaction.
      - Issue on the display of certain Grib files(SailGrib) astride the meridian 0 °
      - Potential crash opening certain Guide Méditerranée ports.
      - Removal of invasive error messages displayed in loop when errors occured in the charts laibrary.
10/4/2015:Version 15.1
  • Interface of the VHF DSC messages (available through the AIS module)
  • Access to the Noaa GFS Grib files at 1/4° (worldwide coverage)
  • Access to the Noaa RTOFS currents Grib files (ocean currents)
  • Improvements on the download service for Currents Grib files issued from MyOcean data
  • Improvements on the ENC display, especially regarding features related to Inland ENCs (distance marks, ramps, ...)
  • Several User Interface improvements, especially regarding Tools Icons
    • New icons for toolbars, with higher definition to enable larger buttons.
    • Adaptation of the text and icons sizes according to the screen resolution,
    • Possibility to customize the size of tool buttons and their icons,
    • Possibility to customize font types and sizes,
    • Distance and Bearings display now uses the adaptive fonts as for other displays
  • New SHOMAR Edition: SNTides now includes the latest Shomar engine for tides heights calculations (edition 2015/2016 valid up to 31/1/2017)
  • A few minor bug corrections
  • SnMap charts:
    • New Pack covering Lesser Antilles from Grenada to Puerto Rico
    • Update of all other existing packs with April 2015 edition.
    • Please click here to check packs coverage and latest updates
1/12/2014:Version 15.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2014)
  • Support of NMEA 2000 protocol: Refer to the documentation in the release notes 
  • Currents: Support of Currents Grib files in the tides module, together with a High resolution Currents Grib files service issued from MyOcean models. Refer to the documentation in the release notes 
  • Inland ENCs: Full support of Inland ENCs including specific symbols.
  • Improvements on ENCs display (light sectors, symbols, display of symbols associated to objets in the S57 query window, ...)
  • Various ergonomic improvements
  • Automatic archive of objects on a periodic basis, or in case of crash. Refer to the documentation in the release notes 
  • Correction of a few anomalies
  • SnMap charts:
    • New area covering East Atlantic Islands (Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, and planning - charts derived from UKHO)
    • SnMap charts are now also supported by the Adrena software.
  • ScanNav Compagnon: Please refer to the dedicated page to see latest new features listed in the documentation.

Version 14 History
18/04/2015:Version 14.1SP2
  • HotFix to support  April 2015 Edition of SnMap Charts

31/08/2014:Version 14.1SP1
  • Fixed display issue of some light sectors on ENCs: Some light sectors of less than 1° could under rare circumstances be displayed as a complete circle. (The query with "S57" tool was nevertheless exact)
18/04/2014:Version 14.1
  • WiFi Instruments Interface: You can interface the wireless stations by creating one or UDP or TCP ports, reception or transmission.
  • SHOMAR Edition 2014/2015: SNTides incorporates new data from water level SHOM, edition 2014/2015 (valid until 15/01/2016)
  • New database interface Port Practice
  • ENCs: Ability to display probes and heights in feet or fathoms (Meters default)
  • Relief display gribs zoomed
  • Minor corrections in the Workshop
  • Updating cards SHOM SnMap with the new April 2014 Edition
  • Extensin of the offer SnMap with coverage of Italy (Navimap cards)
  • Other new features are also available on the Android Mate Version (see dedicated page)
1/01/2014:Version 14.0SP1
  • Fixed installation problem ENC following modification in the structure of distribution allowded ENC.
4/12/2013:Version 14.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2013)
  • ETE / ETA dynamic over the entire active route: see documentation in the notes Update
  • Filter / Search for objects in the Objects and Properties window drive: see the documentation in the notes Update
  • Support GRIB Oceanographic Currents: see documentation in the notes Update
  • Integration of Mediterranean / Channel / Atlantic Guides similarly to what had already been done for marinas. See pdf documentation for a detailed description.
  • Layers Web: Possibility to set the cache location, and less intrusive warning (once by opening the control window)
  • Some other miscellaneous fixes and improvements.

Version 13 History
21/09/2013:Version 13.3
  • Integration with the Android version ScanNav Mate: Adding specific information in the import / export GPX format (symbols and scales min / max display waypoints)
  • Various improvements Workshop mapping (moving inland areas without having to recreate, etc ...)
  • Fixed some rare crashes.
23/03/2013:Version 13.2
  • AIS MOB: Supports AIS MOB tags.To view the documentation click here
  • SHOMAR Edition 2013/2014: SNTides includes new data from the water level of the SHOM, edition 2013/2014 (valid until 01/15/2015)
  • Fixed licensing issue related to recent updates to Windows
  • Fixed display cards astride the Meridian 180 and non-navigable area hidden problem.
  • Other minor fixes and changes.
7/01/2013:Version 13.1sp1
  • Fixed a display issue Navionics charts certain zoom levels, appeared in Version 13.1
  • Solve a problem activating Navionics on Windows 8
4/12/2012:Version 13.1 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2012)
  • Layers web: To see the full documentation click here
  • Full screen mode: use the "View" menu -> "Full Screen", or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F11
  • Improved graphics cards SHOM made.
  • The "Priority Card" window opens at launch if it was open at the exit of previous session
  • Fixed some bugs.

Version 12 History
18/09/2012:Version 12.2sp1
  • Sets a potential problem recording Navionics
1/06/2012:Version 12.2
  • List of maps SNMap enabled in information "About ScanNav ..."
  • Corrections related to the workshop.
31/03/2012:Version 12.1
New / Improvements:
  • Major improvements on the use of cards S57/ENC:
    • System Dynamics probes according to the water level
    • Highlighting dangerous probes
    • Settings beaches and color depth zones
    • Saving personal settings to switch from one configuration to another quickly
    • General improvements in the display for even better readability.
    • To view the documentation ENC updated with the latest click here .
  • Setting the level of detail maps:
    • Lets you view maps more or less detailed while remaining on the same level of visual scale
    • To view the documentation click here
  • AIS Module:
    • Possibility to display a portion of the traces to reduce display
    • Opportunity to reappear old target
    • Menus related to AIS grouped in the "Options" menu
    • To see documentation AIS unit updated with the latest click here .
  • MOB (Man Overboard)
    • System support automatic MOB central NKE
    • Dynamic tracking of MOB, with estimated position based on the drift.
    • To see the new documentation on the management of MOB click here
  • Dynamic multiple links:
    • You can now combine multiple dynamic links to a waypoint
    • To view the documentation click here
  • Jointing / Scindage traces:
    • Possibility of splitting a trace 2 and / or concatenate multiple traces in one
    • To view the documentation click here
  • SHOMAR Edition 2012/2013: SNTides includes new data from the water level of the SHOM, edition 2012/2013 (valid until 01/15/2014)
  • Preparation for a new map offers Raster:
    • A new range of raster maps from directly printing SHOM films, will be available soon. This version is already now compatible with this new offering.

Various corrections:

  • Repeaters caps could go negative (specific bug in version 12.0)
  • Dynamic links were miscoded in the export waypoints in GPX format
  • Geonav Export: the export file was truncated roads.
  • Tooltips: on rare occasions the info bubbles were not displayed.
  • Problem opening pdf documents in Internet Explorer (works well with Firefox)
  • Possible loss windows Grib control and currents, and / or repeaters, when positioned on a 2nd screen, and that it is disconnected or down the screen resolution.
1/12/2011:Version 12.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2011)
  • New analysis module traces depth: This module provides graphic displays of parameters and performance of the boat (determining averages, performance analysis, optimization ...).This module is available in the basic version ScanNav free of charge. See pdf document for a detailed description.
  • Integration of database marinas STW: Partnership with the Association Sail The World ( stw.fr ) to integrate their database assessments marinas, allowing directly from ScanNav to consult existing assessments and to add, without requiring an Internet connection, except to perform the updates. See pdf document for a detailed description.
  • Various ergonomic improvements: Zoom improved scale indication on the menu cards, progress bars, masking passwords, multi-denêtrage installation of ENCs, performance cooling, etc ...

Version 11 History
25/09/2011:Version 11.7
New / Improvements:
  • Interpolation instruments:
    • This new feature allows to stabilize and make it more readable various repeaters. A new "Amortization Instruments" setting is available in the preferences tab "Navigation".It allows to absorb the values ​​of the instruments (vane / anemometer, speeds and headings background / area) indicating the number of seconds of averaging.
  • ENC:
    • Each map object contained in an ENC may have an attribute (SCAMIN), indicating no longer see the object below a certain level, in order to lighten the display zoom.A new option "Use SCAMIN" in the preferences to disable this feature to continue to view all objects zoom.
  • Usability Preferences:
    • The opening of preferences is now on the last used tab.
Various corrections:
    • Some updates ENC could not be taken into account (very rarely delete attributes to a tag without further modification)
30/08/2011:Version 11.6

New / Improvements:

  • AIS: Integration of new types of phrases to see details (name and size) of Class B AIS targets, as well as the target class A
  • ENCs: Support the display of information in the national language for the country with specific (Unicode) characters, such as Greece, China, etc ...
  • ENCs: Display additional information contained in text files directly in the info window (it is no longer necessary to open a separate window)
  • Navionics: Support new format activation key online.
24/07/2011:Version 11.5
New / Improvements:
  • Official ENCs:
    • New module to easily install ENCs and updates directly from ScanNav. The procedure is greatly simplified. See documentation: DocInstallENC.pdf
    • Display objects Cliffs Dunes or type for even better rendering of ENC.
  • Navionics:
    • Possibility of using Navionics Navionics without requiring specific USB drive, with a validation on the Internet (cards must be recent enough to support this feature)
    • Integrated installation procedure in ScanNav.
    • See documentation: DocInstallNavionics.pdf
  • AIS Module:
    • Taking into account the tags navigation aid
    • Security on receiving bad frames AIS (incomplete) that could cause malfunctions
  • Simplification of traces:
    • Establishment "type configurations" for setting simplification traces.In the Navigation tab of the preferences for the automatic simplification, or in the dialog explicit simplification traces, click the "Recommended values" to choose the kind proposed configurations button: navigation offshore, coastal navigation, Operation, Anchorage.or Default.
    • Parameters explicit simplification traces are saved from one call to another, and the default values ​​are more consistent.
    • Correction unit "minimum time" in the preferences indicated in minutes when it was seconds, so confusing ...
Various corrections:
    • Shift an hour was on some garmin gps Garmin protocol
    • Crash on simplification trace when it was made ​​from the box trace analysis
    • Crash on using the wrong menu to insert the ENCs in the library (see FAQ for the proper procedure)
    • Workshop Mode: Fixed bad backup cards in the new format in the "Optimization for navigation" function with parameters cutting too big.

22/04/2011:Version 11.1sp1
  • Sets a glitch module installation heights water SNTides (the version of the application is 11.1)
14/04/2011:Version 11.1
  • Fixed crash on cache usage maps, and other more rare in workshop mode after opening 24 bit images.
  • Fixed problem displaying objects in S57 ENCs when the screen display is set to 16-bit (but not recommended)
  • Fix miscalculation of the true wind on areas of high variation

19/03/2011:Version 11.0
  • New riffles UKHO: Data streams UKHO (Officce Columbia river) have been incorporated into a new ScanNav time zone current (1500-UKHO).
    • The coverage area is the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, the North Sea, as well as a few scattered points in Iceland, Gibraltar, Portugal.
    • These measurement points (dots on the maps), the area contains 41 files, each file corresponding to a reference port.
  • SHOMAR Edition 2011/2012: Included SNTides new data from the water level of the SHOM, edition 2011/2012 (valid until 15/01/2013)
  • New card format (extension snmap.) ScanNav adopts a new native format single-file cards with extention "snmap." File.This format facilitates the transfer maps between computers over the old "map." File needed to copy several related files. Note:. The old format map is of course still supported.
  • Support GeoTIFF Format: ScanNav enriched the number of supported formats read by integrating geotiff projection Mercator (UTM projection used land was already supported)
  • Addition funds global maps default on construction of a new library (menu "File" -> "New" from the library card), the library is initialized with the base maps World and Europe, which avoids go get them.(In previous versions, they were added as when opening ScanNav with an empty library)
  • Also contains some bug fixes

Version 10 History
01/12/2010:Version 10.1 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2010)
  • Support target radar ARPA / MARPA: AIS module features from version 10.1 can view the target radar with ARPA interface (or MARPA) on the screen, with equivalent functionality Monitoring and burglar alarms collision.ARPA supported NMEA sentences are:
    • "TTM" (Tracked target message) or "TLL" (latitude and longitude Target) for positioning radar targets on ScanNav
    • "RDS" (RADAR Data System) for the postponement of the cursor on the radar ScanNav
  • . Parameterization vectors CPA (AIS module): It is now possible to filter the display vectors CPA (Closest Point of Approach) to display only those targets that provided the minimum distance is less than a defined threshold to alleviate the display.
20/09/2010:Version 10.0(released for the Grand Pavois, September 2010)
  • SNTides new module: The new module heights water "SNTides" is part of ScanNav software, and comes standard with the base module from version 10.0 (version Necessary day). Computing heights is performed after the software tidal predictions SHOM: SHOMAR - © SHOM 2010 - France - Contract No. 114/2010 - http://www.shom.fr.
    For complete documentation, see pdf
  • GRIB. Gribs Support V2 Expands the number of sources available for downloading grib files.

Version 9 History
06/06/2010:Version 9.0C2
  • Navionics: Correction for consideration of the 1XG card, and stability problems when many cards were loaded
  • ENCs: Fixed a display issue on the ENCs limits of 180° meridian
18/02/2010:Version 9.0C1
  • Gribs: An estimate of the file size is specified when downloading
  • Gribs and COMMON: Ability to use tooltips showing different values ​​under the cursor.
  • Workshop: Proposal to add the card to the library backup in the workshop.Especially helpful for GoogleEarth interface
  • Possibility to setup the position accuracy (decimal) in the "Navigation" tab of preferences.
  • Repeaters: simplifying the activation / deactivation of repeaters. The buttonrepeaters now lets bring back the same repeaters if they had been closed. Double-click on the button opens directly selector provisions saved, without having to go through the menus.
  • Fixed problems on bearings and roads straddling the 180° meridian.
  • Crash on reprojection in a bad georeferencing
  • Crash may occur when GPS tracking is active and the objects window is open on the details of the current track
  • Tooltips on the trail: differentiation of information sampled information calculated between two track points
  • Tooltips on the roads Ortho: Correction of the value of instantaneous heading (under cursor) was wrong on major segments.
  • When first opening repeaters, the waypoint is not displayed in the corrector cap (it was reselect the destination wp)
  • Changes in GPX export structure by ScanNav to compensate for bugs other software
1/12/2009:Version 9.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2009)
  • Support GPX format: The GPX format is a format for exchanging waypoints, routes, tracks, etc. ... which is supported by a growing number of software and plotters, and enables interoperability between different systems.
  • Current Module: Improved opening of current zones that are now accessible via the context menu via right click on the map button
  • Water level Navionics: water heights integrated into Navionics charts are now viewable as curves.Allows a comparison with the source WXTide (use the context menu right click on the map then "Heights of water", which will open the nearest station)
  • Simplification of the registration of the license with the possibility of automatic online registration
  • Load optimization of the Objects window and library cards
  • GRIB:
    • support specific Saildocs (Precipitation (prate) Period Swell: WVPER, "Mean period of wind waves")
    • Correction Request MailaSail
  • Fixed crash in the workshop after using the "Explode" function
  • Various improvements

Version 8 History (Navionics Support, Improvements on AIS and GRIB)
20/7/2009:Version 8.1C7
  • Fixed construction of the library card
16/7/2009:Version 8.1C6
  • AIS: Visualisation target full size (configurable in the preferences tab AIS)
  • Possibility to choose the display unit positions (D° M'S "/ d.ddd° / D° M.mmm ') preferences (tab navigation)
  • Definition of Great Circle routes and differentiation information Ortho / Loxo information on bubbles
  • Gribs: Storing passwords for downloading gribs (prevents an authentication return). The username and password must be entered in the connection settings ("Edit" button for download by fixed areas and hammer icon in the download by selection)
  • Gribs: support for the direction of the wind wave (sent by Saildocs) in addition to the cumulative Houle
  • Gribs correction shift an hour of the time shown
  • Gribs: Removing access links to Gribs Raymarine no longer updated
  • Fixed automatic loading maps to high latitudes in small scales
  • Fixed a crash related to a specific Windows configuration
  • Correction danger zones systematically charged with filling
17/04/2009:Version 8.1C5
  • AIS:
    • Viewing CPA (Closest Point of Approach: 2 points or boats will be the closest)
    • Considers the position of the target no longer emitting
    • (See notes updates for details)
  • Routes:
    • possibility of separating a waypoint from a route to make independent (right-click in the object window)
    • correcting route planning: changing speeds, the dates do not follow
  • improved load times with large library cards.
  • Correction loading very long at first startup after a version <8.1C4 with very long traces
3/04/2009:Version 8.1C4
  • Workshop Mode: Fixed the definition of navigable waters that were poorly taken into account load
  • Workshop Mode: Fixed difficulty of changing the directory patches
  • Navionics: Fixed slow loading on some pcs
  • Navionics: Fixed problem query some objects
  • Magellan transfers wp Support, routes and tracks via SD card for GPS Magellan eXplorist (native files upt rd trk....)
  • Routes: Planning with calculation of ETE / ETA across the road indicating the speed of each segment.This is done in the properties dialog of the roads:
    • Click the speed of a road segment already selected (highlighted in blue) to change its value, the ETE and ETA are then recalculated.
    • You can change the speed of several segments at once using multi-row selection
    • Click on the date of a selected waypoint in order to edit the ETE other points are then recalculated
    • (Documentation will be updated in a future release)
  • Routes: can duplicate (clone) roads to facilitate the creation of a new road from an existing road
    • via context menu on right-click the route on the screen or window objects
  • Waypoints: Waypoints corrections on difficult roads to make invisible visible
  • Objects: Various improvements on list of objects:
    • specific colors waypoints based on their membership in a road
      • Black: Independent waypoint
      • Blue: independent waypoint used in one or more routes
      • Green: waypoint belonging to the current route (in the detail of a road)
      • red: waypoint from another road (but used in the current route in detail a road)
    • indication of the parent route waypoints appropriate
  • Meteorem: Update the definition of zones
15/1/2009:Version 8.1C2
  • AIS: Entering MMSI AIS preferences in order to avoid self-collisions (users equipped with a transponder)
    ==> The corresponding MMSI target is ignored
  • AIS correction accidental erasure fields being modified in the alert box.
  • ENC: Viewing a single warning containing a list of outdated cells.
29/11/2008:Version 8.1C1
  • AIS correction taking into account the target Class B AIS
  • Fixed potential crash on sending erroneous information from the GPS
20/11/208:Version 8.1 (version of the Paris Boat show CD-Rom, December 2008)
  • New download service with free GRIB selective data access and retrieval by email or direct download with compression to reduce the time for transferring files.The new data are available:
    • Noaa GFS global coverage at 0.5° or 1° (wind, pressure, precipitation, temperature)
    • NOAA WW3: Wave model global coverage at 1° (wind, waves)
    • NOAA Wave NW Atlantic HD: Cover East Coast USA and Caribbean High Definition (grid 1/4) (wind, waves)
    • Noaa NE Pacific Wave HD: Cover West Coast USA High Definition (grid 1/4) (wind, waves)
    • NOAA Wave Alsaka HD: High Definition Alsaka cover (grid 1/4) (wind, waves)

    Access to download is via download by selection on the screen.Configuration must first be performed by clicking the button with the hammer.You can choose the mode of recovery gribs by email or direct connection.You must enter a valid email address. The URL access and email service access are also configurable as subject to change, but it is strongly recommended not to change. In case of error, you can click on the "Default" button to return to the default values.
    Note: This new service operated by ScanNav is currently in Beta mode and subject to change.It is about the functioning of Noaa servers whose data is retrieved in real time.

  • GRIB Showing weekdays in the choice of dates
  • GRIB: View references forecasts (eg wind 2m, 10m, etc).
  • Navionics: Improved performance for loading maps
  • Navionics: info display ports
  • Navionics: Correction: Querying objects Navionics works only native scale
  • ENCs: it is now possible to create thumbnails of ENCs (in previous versions, the cis were illegible)
30/09/2008:Version 8.0P6
  • Implementation of the transfer of Routes / Waypoints / Tracks to Geonav plotters via a Navionics SD card
  • Fixed display Navionics in the "Simple View" mode
  • Fixed some delays display traces over the Navionics
  • Current module initialization directory open the current file in the right place
  • Fixed crashes:
    • on output ScanNav with AIS active
    • On reading maps and Maptech Our damaged
22/06/2008:Version 8.0P4
  • First released version 8.0 with support for Navionics cartography

Version 7 History
10/06/2008:Version 7.0C6
  • Fleet Tracking SSN: Consideration traces of Fleet Tracking SSN as well as AIS targets
12/05/2008:Version 7.0C5
  • Fixed a small error in the C4 Version: When the cursor was positioned cursor software, it was invisible when selecting the grib area
11/05/2008:Version 7.0C4
  • New Interface to download grib files interactively by defining areas on the map.
    • Refer to the updated documentation in the release notes

  • Fixed crash on startup when the "My Documents" folder is installed to the root of a partition.
  • Fixed a crash related to a file verrolé objects.
  • Fixed bug display gribs: there was a small rounding problem on the number of feathers feathers
  • Fixed problem when adding a lot of memory cards Maptech in the library of objects at once (especially with the new DVD)
  • Sending mail error reporting mechanism in case of crash (on user confirmation)
  • Zoom in / out with Page Up / Down
03/02/2008:Version 7.0C2
  • Fixed crash that could occur very rarely when zooming in Operating Your scale tool.
  • Enhancements display time with suppression of certain dual coolings
  • Usability enhancements to facilitate and accelerate the georeferencing screen Google Earth copies.
    • On selecting the "Google Final Points" button, the input mode automatically switches to the point "Moving Points", and a first application of georeferencing is performed.
    • Pressing one of the buttons "1" to "9" when the focus is on the map, automatically selects the corresponding point.It remains only to click on "view" then readjust the point.
01/01/2008:Version 7.0C1
  • Fixed problem transfers Waypoints on Garmin gps and MLR.The names of waypoints were poorly transferred and caused a transfer error.
  • Fixed documentation error in georeferencing of GoogleEarth screenshots (it should read "Move Point" instead of "Replacement Point")
30/11/2007:Version 7.0

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