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Official ENCs
Primar Vector charts

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In addition to "raster" charts (issued from scan, such as Maptech), ScanNav supports S57 vector charts, including Official ENCs (*) from IHO, coded in S63 format.

In vector charts, each object is known as such, and ScanNav can query each of them to show their details. You can therefore show the sectors of a light to immediately visualize their angle and range.

(*) Official ENCs are the original survey of the hydrographic offices, contrarily to "private" vector charts that have been reproduced manually by digitalizing the paper charts. This therefore eliminates potential human errors in reproduction. (see article from SHOM on this subject)

Visualisation des feux, Cliquez pour arreter/demarrer l'animation

International Hydrographic Office

Official ENCs (Electronic Navigation Charts) are the charts issued directly from the Hydrographic Offices of the countries member of the IHO (International Hydrographic Office, (SHOM for France)). They are the only vector charts authorized in replacement of paper charts on Commercial and Military ships, according to the SOLAS convention.

Detailed information on ENCs are available on the SHOM web site
or the IHO: http://www.iho.int

ScanNav is a distributor of Primar which is the organism responsible for centralizing ENCs of the different countries.

Service Hydrographique et Océanographique de la Marine

Make your custom selection
Worldwide catalog :
Build your own basket of individual charts by downloading the Primar chart catalog

(requires the installation of Java)

You can visualize the full catalog of available ENCs world wide
ENCs World coverage

  • Download the interactive catalog on the Primar web site
  • Or visualize the coverage online:  click here
Different types of ENCs according to scale

Installing ENC cells

1 Overview < 1:1 499 999
2 General 1:350 000 à 1:1 499 999
3 Coastal 1:90 000 à 1:349 999
4 Approach 1:22 000 à 89 999
5 Harbour 1:4000 à 21 999
6 Berthing > 4 000

By Download:
Once you issue your order, a Cells permit file will be sent to you by mail. This file associated with a small utility will let you download the ordered cells and install them on your computer. This same utility will let you download upgrades regularly from the web site.

On CD-Rom:
It is also possible to order ENCs on a CD-rom providing an additional fee to take in account packaging and transportation costs.

ENC prices: According to the originating country and subscription duration

Prices of ENCs include a subscription(1) of weekly updates from 3 months(2) to 12 months.

Indicative prices for SHOM cells (3) (*)

3 months (2)

6 months (2)

12 months


(1) After the end of the subscription period, ENCs can no longer be updated, and do not comply to the SOLAS convention anymore
(2) Certain countries (Singapore, Japan and Malacca) only offer the 12 months subscription
(3) Prices differ according countries. Please consult us for a full quote.
(*) The initial order is of 100€ minimum (with a certain tolerance)

How to order

To order, you can:

  1. Note the desired cell numbers on the IHO or Primar catalog (see links above) and send them to us for a quote.
  2. Or interactively choose cells on the Primar catalog, and then save you basket file and send it to us as an attached file for a quote.

In all cases you will have to send us the results by mail by clicking here, we will return you a quote in the best delays.

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