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Version 19.1SP1

Routing and Polar module
New Now available with version 17.0!

maj: 02-11-2018

The new ScanNav Routing module is available in ScanNav since version 17.0.

Routing takes into account the following points:
  • Choice of the GRIB file and the boat Polar file
  • Consideration of tidal currents. The information is based on the SHOM data or currents in GRIB form
  • Possibility to apply a percentage ratio to polar, weather or current information
  • Possibility to take the engine into account (sail only, mixed sail and engine, or engine only).
  • Takes in account Shorelines, and/or user defined danger areas
  • Possibility to apply Tack and/or Jibe penalties
  • Possibility to avoid areas above a user defined Wind strength
  • Possibility to define upwind and downwind limit angles, to avoid uncomfortable points of sail
  • Multi-point routing
  • Best Start calculation added in version 17.1
  • Route Plan and Best Start Tables
  • Ability to interact with the routing graph to find alternatives
  • Export of the final route, and route plan
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Polar display

The routing module also includes a Polar module which, in addition to the polar management aspect for the routing, allows to visualize the performances in a dedicated repeater, in real time with respect to the theoretical polars.

The Display shows where the real-time performance is.

  • On the graph, the red triangle is the boat.
  • Theoretical performances are the blue curves (the 2 curves being those defined in the polar file, with the wind immediately lower and higher than the actual instantaneous wind of the anemometer).

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