Release Notes


Navigation mode

Installation of SnMap charts

Installation of Primar official ENCs

Navionics charts

Grib weather module

Tidal Currents module

SNTides Water Heights module

Routing+Polar Module

AIS Module

WEB Layers

Nautical Guides database

Nmea Playback

Charts Workshop



Required configuration:

Package Installation:


Multi-Windows functionality:

General layout of the different tool bars:

On line help

Scrolling and zooming around the screen:

Scrolling can be performed in several ways:

Zoom forward and backward can be done by:

Selection tool :

How do the ,  and  tools work?:

Commercial charts compatibility:

Raster and Vector SnMap:

Official ENCs:


Navionics Charts

Legacy Navionics Charts (for XP):


BSB Charts and other Maptech formats:

SoftChart charts :

EasyNav charts:

Google-Earth interface:

Land Topologic IGN charts :

Aerial photography of the French coast:

USGS/DRG charts:

Obtaining a License:

Limitations of the Demo version:

Obtaining a free temporary license

Navigation mode:

* Charts Libraries:

Switching from one chart to another in a library

Using Chart Thumbnails:

Charts Auto loading parameters:

Initial parameters:

GPS Interface Configuration:

GPS and Grid Datum:

Configuration of other instruments:

Navigation Preferences:

Moving boat on screen:

Great Circle routes:

Sound correction:

Declination of the place of navigation:

Current Track parameters:

Automatic track simplification:

Color choices:

Navigation options:

NMEA Interface: *

NMEA Simulator:

Navigation control:

Instant mark, or MOB:

Center boat: *

Auto Load:

Automatic Zoom to the most detailed chart:

Grid parameters: *

Heading Line and Range Ring:

Detailed charts bounding boxes *

Hide Non navigable areas: *

All displays on top/in background *


Night/ Daylight vision:

Uploading/Downloading Routes, Tracks and Waypoints to/from a GPS:

Upload/Download Dialog box:

Garmin GPS:

Valsat MLR GPS:

Text Files:

Clock synchronization:

Interactive tools:

Distances and Bearing Tool:

Waypoints definition: *

Common properties to several waypoints:

Routes definition: *

Danger Areas definition: *

Creation de Annotations: *

Specific implementation of notes related to routes (racing usage):

Tracks properties:

Reshape of routes, danger area, waypoints and notes: *

Track Analysis: *

Track Simplification:

List of Referenced objects: *

Displays: *


Heading correction:

Wind indicator:

Other displays:

Distance and Bearings display:

Grib Weather module


GRIB License:

Release Notes:

Grib control window

Opening Grib files:

Choosing the date of the forecast:


Choice of displayed information and their representation:

Information under the cursor:

Advanced parameters

 General  Tab:

Tabs specific to each kind of forecast:

Expert configuration:

Tidal Currents module


Currents license :

Release Notes:

 Currents  control window

Opening currents file:

Choice of date:

Choice of representation of currents:

Information under the cursor:

Advanced parameters

 General  Tab:

 Display  tab :

Expert configuration :

WXTide specifics :

Display mode

Interactions between ScanNav and WXTide :

Precision of information :

Charts Workshop:

Building Charts:

Workshop mode tools:

-1st Tool: Moving tool

-2nd Tool: Manual rotating tool

-3rd Tool: Manual Scaling tool

-4th Tool: Crop tool

Adjustment Tool (5th tool):

Vertical or Horizontal Alignment:

Adjustment Origin  destination:

Practical advises to use adjustment:

Georeferencing charts:

 6th Tool:

Projection parameter:

Datum parameters:

Points and reference Grid:

Georeference by one point and a distance:

Scan defaults corrections:

 Tool number 7

Tool number 8:  Definition of the navigable area

Update of existing charts

1.      Creation of the mini-map:

2.      To integrate modifications to the original chart :

Zoom-In window:

Other operations on charts:

Exporting and Saving Charts:

ScanNav charts internal format:

 Menu-File-Save (or Save As) :

Menu-File-Optimize for Navigation:

Chart Thumbnails generation:

Organization of charts on disk:

Exporting standard raster images of the chart:

Printing of charts: