15/04/2021: New April 2022 edition of Vector SnMap Charts and Raster SnMap Charts
05/02/2022: New version 22.0SP1 of ScanNav available Check what's new
28/06/2020: New 3.0 version of ScanNav Compagnon
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ScanNav latest available version: 22.0SP1

Download the full version 22.0SP1

To install: double click on the downloaded file, and follow the instructions

Any existing version must first be un-installed before installing the 22.0SP1 full package (the licence and personal files (waypoints, tracks, charts etc...) will be kept)

File size: 49416Kb

Update to version 22.0SP1

If you already installed version 21.1 or higher, you may limit to install the upgrade (except for Windows XP).

To install: double click on the downloaded file, and then on button "Repair"

To update any previous version, or if using Windows XP, please use the full package download.

File size: 9572Kb

Temporary trial license

You don't have a ScanNav license yet?

You can test the software with all its options before you decide to purchase.

For this, click on the button below, and follow the procedure described in the document.

Your download is blocked by Windows? Click on the following button for more information

Note: Users for which the license is more than a year old need to purchase an upgrade, available on the order form (see terms and conditions)

Click here to list the history of modifications since versions 7.0.

Please consult the release notes for the new features documentation.

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