24/05/2024: New version 24.0SP1 of ScanNav is available. Check what's new
21/04/2024: New April 2024 edition of Vector SnMap and Raster SnMap charts available.
30/11/2023: New version 4.0 of the TP Vagnon Hauturier and TP Mer Suisse software.
28/06/2020: New 3.0 version of ScanNav Compagnon
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Supported Charts that we provide
These are the Official vector charts issued directly from the different nations' Hydrographic Offices, according to the SOLAS convention for human safety at sea.
They are available by custom selection of individual charts, and can be downloaded with any Internet connection, including low-speed.
This raster charts offer is derived from data provided by the SHOM (France), UKHO (United Kingdom+Irlande, Spain+Portugal, Croatia, Belgium+Netherlands), Shom+UKHO+Noaa for the Caribbean, BSH for Germany, and Navimap for Italy. Charts are updated twice a year. Although the look is similar, they are not scanned from paper charts, but issued from the printing films, which eliminates manipulation errors, and facilitates regular updates.
This offer requires ScanNav version 12.1 or higher, or ScanNav Compagnon for Android.
These vector maps are derived from the ENCs provided by the UKHO, and the BSH. To date they cover the United Kingdom + Ireland and Channel Islands, Spain + Canary Islands, Croatia, the Netherlands + Belgium, and Germany. They are updated twice a year.
This offer requires version 19.1 of ScanNav or higher.
Unlike official ENCs, these charts have not been verified by any Hydrographic Office. They do not meet SOLAS standards, and are therefore reserved for Leisure usage.
These are private vector charts, edited by Navionics and packaged by area on SD-Cards or CF-Cards.
They are supported in ScanNav starting from version 8.0 and upper.
Other Supported Charts
ScanNav also supports several types of Raster charts based on BSB and derivatives, such as the Noaa royalty free charts for the USA.
Maptech charts, although still compatible, are no longer available for sale, and are not kept up to date. It is therefore not recommended to navigate with these charts.

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