24/05/2024: New version 24.0SP1 of ScanNav is available. Check what's new
21/04/2024: New April 2024 edition of Vector SnMap and Raster SnMap charts available.
30/11/2023: New version 4.0 of the TP Vagnon Hauturier and TP Mer Suisse software.
28/06/2020: New 3.0 version of ScanNav Compagnon
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SnMap Vector Charts
April 2024 Edition

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This new Vector charts offer is derived from S-57 data provided under licence by Hydrographic Offices.
Charts are updated 2 times per year or more (Latest edition: April 2024)

The main advantage of this offer is the cost which is much lower than for official ENCs, while benefiting from the same charts and functionalities. It nevertheless doesn't meet the SOLAS obligations for the commercial fleets, and is therefore reserved for the Leisure market.
  • The coverage to date is that provided by the UKHO which centralizes several countries, by the NMA for Norway, and by the BSH for Germany. Other countries will follow later.
  • The charts can be combined with the Raster offer, as ScanNav can handle several types of charts simultaneously. For example, you can use the Raster offer for France together with Vector for Spain.
  • Each pack includes the integrity of charts available for the concerned country and is available by download.
  • Uppdates: Updates are free for one year, and half price after.
  • Compatibility: Vector SnMap charts are compatible with the Windows version of ScanNav. Third party software supporting the S-63 scheme are welcome to contact us to support this offer.
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Download and installation are done directly from ScanNav (see documentation). If your pc does not have an Internet connection, you can however download your packs from any other connected PC by clicking on this link

(*) This offer requires ScanNav version 19.1 or higher. ScanNav Updates are free for licenses not older than a year, or available at 25€ for older licenses.
Packs details
Select a pack, then click on chart numbers for a preview of each map.
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