New tracking module

Installation of ScanNav under Linux/MacOS/ChromeOS

Online Documentation and translations

Update notifications

Chart Orientation, and Inland functions

Startup Options

NMEA 2000 support

NMEA output for the auto-pilot and external displays

WIFI NMEA Interface

GPS Interface - Internal GPS - NMEA filters

Visualization and log of Nmea sentences

GRIB Module enhancements

Currents module enhancements

Improvements on the handling of Objects

Multiple active links associated to Objects

Rule of thumb

MOB : Man Over Board

Bearing Tool

Anchorage Area vs Danger Zone

Tuning charts details

Touch Screen interface

User Interface improvements

Heading Line enhancements

Scale bar

Visible Area

Route Planification ETE / ETA

ETE / ETA on complete route

Splitting / Joining tracks

Customize icon and text sizes, and Touch precision

Auto-Save & Automatic Archive

Object Layers and Nautical guides

Search and filter of objets

WEB layers - Google Earth interface

Interoperability: GPX - Text format Import - Garmin - Miscellaneous

Improvements of the AIS module and Interface of DSC VHF

Tracks analysis

New SAR (Search And Rescue), and Radar Overlay modules

Rendering options

Workshop - Georeferencing

Older changes

Release notes version 24.0SP1

This document lists the new features not yet included in the main documentation, as well as some interface changes to existing functionality
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