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Prices and Conditions

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(all prices are Value Added Tax included)

Basic module:

  • ScanNav = Base module including the charts workshop, display of charts, connection to instruments, real time navigation, etc...

    downloaded from Internet = 120 Euros
    Sold in a box= 145 Euros + Shipping fee (8 € for France)

    The licence can be unlocked on 2 pcs, or on the dongle letting you change pc at will (see dongle option)

Options :

  • GRIB module = optional module to display weather forecasts using GRIB files (GRIB files available on Internet)
    downloaded from Internet = 60 Euros
  • AIS Module = optional module AIS (Automatic Identification System, anticollision)
    downloaded from Internet = 60 Euros
  • Tidal Currents module = optional module to display tidal currents. Water heights are given from the third party WXTide program (also included in base module)
    downloaded from Internet = 60 Euros + 40 Euros per SHOM area (view available coverage )
  • Dongle = Associating the ScanNav licence to this USB dongle lets you run ScanNav on an unlimitted number of computers (providing the dongle is plugged in)
    • 45€ + shipping (8€ for France) : if purchased at the same time as ScanNav or an additional module.
    • 80€ + shipping (8€ for France) : if purchased more than 6 months after the initial order or after already 2 pcs unlocked (includes the upgrade)

Charts :

  • ENCs (Official Vector charts, directly from the Hydrographic Offices):
  • Maptech charts ("Raster" technology, issued from the scan of paper charts) Sold by areas on DVD. Click to see details
    Price of a European DVD : 169 € + shipping fee (8€ for France). (prices for other regions can vary)
    Maptech charts licencing is independant of the ScanNav licence. They must be registered on Maptech's web site before they can be used. (the procedure may also be done by phone)
  • Navionics charts (Vector technology) Sold by areas on CF-Card or SD Card. Click to see details
    • USB card reader : 60€ for ScanNav users (non scannav users: 70€)
    • Gold XL9 : 238€
    • Platinum XL3: 358€
    • PLatinum Plus XL3: 597€
    • Shipping fee (8€ for France)


Free trial version

ScanNav is downloadable here. You can try it for free, and make your friends try it (it is strongly recommended!). Then if you’re convinced, and to be able to use the full functionalities, you must fill up the Registering formula and send it to us by mail.



Starting up


In addition to filling the Order Sheet, you must do the following on your PC in order to validate your license:

After having downloaded ScanNav from Internet, or inserting your CD-Rom, Install it on your PC.

Then launch ScanNav, and choose the "Register" entry of the "?" menu (last menu top right). A formula dialog opens.

  • Fill up all the input fields.
  • If your pc is connected to Internet, you can just press the “Send by mail” button. Your default mailer will open with a prepared message and the appropriate attached file. You can complete the message with your questions/comments before sending it.
  • If not connected, press the « Save » button. A File Selector appears to choose a file where the registering information will be saved. This will be by default the file named « ScanNav.cfg » that will be in the same directory as the ScanNav.exe program (but you can choose to put it anywhere you want). You will then need to transfer this file (using a floppy, usb key, network,... or any other way) to another pc connected to Internet, in order to send it by mail to postmaster @ as an attached file. Please mention « ScanNav License » in the object field.
  • You can also visualize or Print these information.
  • At reception of your payment, you will get by Email a file named « firstname_lastname.lic ». with instructions on how to activate.
  • If you do not have an Internet connection, you also can send a print out of the ScanNav.cfg file (or preferably a floppy) by regular mail to:

    Marc Lombard
    15 Allée de la Lande
    33610 CESTAS

    You will then receive by regular mail a floppy with the “firstname_lastname.lic” license file.

  • In order to limit any additional delays, please make sure to fill up correctly every field, and especially specify eventual options. If you do not have an email, it is recommended that you leave a phone number where to reach you in case of doubt.


Sales terms and conditions  
Conditions générales de vente :

The customer accepts the following conditions when he purchases a ScanNav license or extension.

Prices are indicated in EUROS including Value Added Taxes.

ScanNav is not reliable of eventual downloading problems of the software from Internet, from the customer's PC. The same applies when purchasing the software in a box: In case of problems reading a CD-Rom, it will be replaced if the problem is due to a defective CD-Rom.

Delay of delivery of CD-Roms inside France will not exceed one full week after reception of your order. Unlock of the software will be sent by mail from immediately to up to 48 hours after reception of the fully completed register form.

All personal data collected by us will be treated in the most confidential manner. It will not be divulgated outside the company, and only used internally to communicate with you in case of trouble shooting or to announce new releases.

Payment facilities (at your choice):

  • By check (France only) to be sent to:

    Marc Lombard
    15 Allée de la Lande
    33610 CESTAS

  • By secured online payment using PayPal services (additional fees supported by ScanNav)
  • By bank transfer (international transfer fees supported by customer): a bank ID number will be sent on demand

(please fill the Order Sheet before proceeding to any payment)


Navigation software whatever they are can always fail. It is your responsibility to make sure you have and can use all necessary documents and papers charts on board to cover your navigation area.

ScanNav is a navigation help tool. It is in no way meant to substitute to official paper charts and other navigation documents, as well as the skills and interpretations of an experienced captain.

No guaranty whatsoever can be given that ScanNav will be exempt of errors or bugs, that calculations are 100% accurate or that it should meet all your needs. Despite the fact that all has been done to avoid them you might find bugs or miscalculations. Nevertheless, if you report me your problems or requests, I will do my best to satisfy you.

You are using ScanNav at your own risks, and in no events shall the author be liable for any loss or damage of any sort and any party.

Be also aware that the Global Positioning System (GPS) might have some random precision failures due to poor satellite reception and depending on the receptor quality, that might lead to erroneous - thus dangerous - interpretation. This in spite of the suppression of SA (Selective Availability, or voluntary error generated by the US Army) since May the 2nd 2000.


Contact E-mail
Tél : 06 14 14 93 50 / 06 19 07 26 21
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