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21/04/2024: New April 2024 edition of Vector SnMap and Raster SnMap charts available.
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Description of the service

The optional Grib module lets you overlay weather forecasts to your charts, and plan your navigation accordingly, either manually, or in conjunction with the Routing module.
It also provides access to a GRIB download service allowing the selection of the geographic area on the screen, data types, and time steps. The data can be retrieved by direct download (http) or by mail. Files are compressed in order to reduce transfer times.
This free service for holders of Grib and/or Currents modules requires prior registration (see registration form below on this page). It provides the following models :

  • Models issued from Meteo-France include Wind (standard and Gust), Pressure, Air temperature, and Precipitations.
    • AROME: Covers France and Overseas (Antilles, Polynesia, Indian, Guyana, New Caledonia) at very high resolution (0.025°), previsions for 36h, by step of one hour
    • AROME UHD(starting from version 22.1): This popular model for local regattas covers mainland France at an ultra-high resolution of 1km. Previsions for 36h, by step of one hour.
    • ARPEGE Europe: Covers Europe at High Resolution (0,1°), previsions for 96h, by step of one hour
    • ARPEGE World: Worldwide coverage at 0.5°, previsions for 102h, by step of 3 hours
  • MFWAM models issued from Meteo-France include Wind at 10 meters, and Wave information (Height, direction, and period). Waves can be choosen between Swell, Wind Waves, or Total Sea. The 3 models are:
    • MFWAM France: Coverage and resolution identical to model AROME
    • MFWAM Europe: Coverage and resolution identical to model ARPEGE Europe
    • MFWAM World: Coverage and resolution identical to model ARPEGE World
  • Models GFS and GFS Wave issued from the Noaa:
    • GFS: (Wind, Gust, pressure, rainfall, temperature) global coverage at 0.25°, 0.5° or 1°, previsions up to 16 days by step of 1 hour or more
    • GFS Wave: Wave model (wind, swell) global coverage at 0.16° and 0.25°, previsions up to 15 days by step of 1 hour or more
    These models are available in 2 forms with the same data:
    • "SN-GFS" and "SN-GFS Wave": Available from version 22.2 with a cache on the ScanNav server to speed up processing requests in a very significant way. Preferred method from version 22.2 of ScanNav.
    • "SN-Noaa GFS" and "SN-Noaa Wave": The data is extracted from the Noaa servers by the ScanNav server at the time of the request, then compressed before sending. The processing time strongly depends on the load of the Noaa servers at the time of the request.
  • Great Circle is a provider of high resolution gribs. You must first subscribe on their site (http://www.greatcircle.be/index.html). Then all you have to do is enter your login details in ScanNav (see documentation), and you will have access to the different models corresponding to your subscription.
  • SailaMail is a provider that also proposes free GRIB files from the NOAA GFS and Wave models at a resolution of 1° available by mail.
  • SailDocs is also interfaced for several models (to date: GFS/WW3, Coamps, RTOFS)
  • OpenSkiron You also have access to fixed area grib files proposed by OpenSkiron.
  • Ocean currents: As opposed to tidal currents that provide more details, these are Ocean Currents that are essentially useful for oceanic crossings. The RTOFS model from the Noaa is accessible through SailDocs, at a time step of no more than 24h. This model can be downloaded with the Currents or Grib modules. Several other Ocean currents data sources exist. You may for example get the OSCAR model provided by the NOAA by mail or other means, see the following link: http://www.svsarana.com/oscar/
  • Tidal Currents: For more detailed currents, ScanNav also proposes a service for Tidal Currents Grib files issued from the MyOcean/Mercator models, providing that you have the Tidal Currents module activated in ScanNav. 

Notice: The list of providers above is given as an indication and is subject to modifications independently of the ScanNav versions. For an up to date list, don't forget to regularly update the list of available providers (see documentation).

The GRIB module also lets you use any standard GRIB files (Grib V1 and/or V2) , whatever download source it comes from.

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