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GRIB Weather files service

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Description of the service

The optional Grib module lets you overlay weather forecasts to your charts, and plan your navigation accordingly, either manually, or in conjunction with the new Routing module available since version 17.0 of ScanNav. It also gives you access to the Grib download service located on ScanNav's or third parties servers.

The ScanNav Grib download service lets you select the model and type of data, the time steps, and define the geographic area directly from ScanNav. It manages forecasts issued from the following providers:

  • MétéoFrance: ScanNav downloads the models several time per day as soon as the new runs are available on MeteoFrance server, so as to make them usable by the end user. Available models are Arome at 0.025°, Arpège Europe at 0.1°, and Arpège World at 0.5°. They include the Wind and Wind Gusts at 10m, pressure, air temperature, and precipitations. Starting from ScanNav version 17.0 models MFWAM including waves, and with the same 3 precision levels are also available.
  • Noaa: The forecasts are downloaded directly from the Noaa servers at the time the requests are received, so as to use the latest available runs. (GFS models from 0.25° to 1°,  WW3  for waves, and RTOFS for currents)
  • Tidal Currents: ScanNav also proposes a service for Tidal Currents Grib files issued from the MyOcean/Mercator models, providing that you have the Tidal Currents module activated in ScanNav. 

The Grib files can be downloaded directly using the http protocol, or by email requests. They are compressed so as to limit download times.

This service is free of charge, but you must first register using the form below

Starting with version 17.1, ScanNav interfaces with Great Circle, and allows you to download Grib files corresponding to your subscription directly from ScanNav. Founded by passionate sailors and offshore racing skippers, Great-Circle specializes in producing high-resolution weather data. They are present on all the biggest races, and on board pleasure boats.

Access to other Grib providers such as SailAMail or SailDocs is also integrated directly from ScanNav

Notice: The GRIB module also lets you use any standard GRIB files (Grib V1 and/or V2) , whatever download source it comes from.

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