ScanNav will be present at the Grand Pavois 2023, on the CROIX DU SUD MARINE stand, equipment area - R81. Come and discover the latest news, published or to come.
Coming soon: A new version 23.2 of ScanNav will soon be available. Check what's new
Coming soon: New Vector SnMap packs on Portugal and dependencies. Check out the new coverage
06/07/2023: New Raster SnMap packs available on the Pacific. Check out the new coverage
28/06/2020: New 3.0 version of ScanNav Compagnon
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ScanNav Versions History

Coming soon: Version 23.2
Version 23.2 is being finalized, it is available in Beta version, on request by email
  • New water height calculation engine:
    • This new calculation engine was developed in collaboration with Jacques Tiphine from Marées dans le Monde. The results are very close to those obtained by Shomar, and the base of available ports has been improved
    • Addition of various information such as ephemeris, and improvement of the display / readability of the curve
    • Integration as a database with (optional) display of available ports on the chart
    • See documentation for more details.
  • Date synchronization extended to water heights, and can be activated independently for each window
  • Ability to select any time zone in the Current and Grib windows
  • AIS module: display improvements especially when many targets are present
  • Improved display of ENCs, particularly on sounds for certain ENCs where sounds are not grouped
  • Improvements in the real time route followup - See Release notes for more details.
  • Various small ergonomic improvements
  • Routing: Fixed a bug where routing could cross the coastline in extreme conditions
  • Fixed a screen refresh problem that occurred from time to time after moving the map view
  • fixed issues on areas straddling the 180° meridian
  • fixed installation of updates: If the user had chosen a directory other than the default one, it was not automatically taken into account for an update
  • Fixed some rare potential crashes
  • Grib download service: new Worldwide Arpege model at 0.25°
05/21/2023:Version 23.1SP2
  • Grib module Correction: It was impossible to select the display of wind gusts
12/05/2023: Version 23.1SP1
  • Improvement of the update system:
    • When a new version is available, ScanNav will propose to download and install it directly from ScanNav, without having to manually go to the site.
    • ScanNav first checks if your license allows you to install the latest version, and offers to subscribe to the update if necessary.
  • Fixed Navionics chart query: In very rare cases, closing the Navionics info dialog could result in closing ScanNav.
03/05/2023: Version 23.1
  • Repeaters: Improvements on the organization of repeaters (locking, grouped manipulations, alignments, etc...). See documentation
  • Ergonomic improvements for tablets and ultra-high resolution screens: All dialogs can now be enlarged including larger buttons and texts. See Release Notes
  • Adaptable configuration of toolbars and repeaters: The layout of toolbars and repeaters is now remembered according to the screen configuration. You can thus have different configurations depending on whether you are in portrait or landscape, or single/multi-screen
  • New night vision mode. See Release Notes
  • Increased Addressable Memory: Addressable memory has been increased by 2, eliminating memory issues on loading some huge Gribs, or Navionics charts on large ultra-high resolution displays with certain settings.
  • SNTides improvements: Water level requests now each open in an independent SNTides window, allowing multiple ports to be viewed, and fixing a problem related to the current module, where the port selected in SNTides would unexpectedly return to the currents reference port.
  • Routing: Improvements related to the interaction with the route plan and the automatic centering of the boat.
  • Addition of an "apply" button on the properties windows of all object types, allowing to preview the modifications before closing the dialog
  • AIS fix: Collision alerts could be triggered for own MMSI entered in preferences, if "use as backup GPS" option was checked.
  • Fixed Repeaters: When loading a repeater configuration, it could not be properly restored during the next session.
  • Fixed Linux version-specific issue: Double-clicking repeaters did not go fullscreen.
  • NmeaPlayback improvements: NmeaPlayback can now serve multiple TCP connections simultaneously.
05/02/2023: Version 23.0SP2
  • Correction of a shortcut issue: When launching ScanNav with the desktop shortcut, ScanNav could not find the dependent programs (Grib download and water heights). This issue did not affect shortcuts from the Windows start menu.
  • New web layers available (Google Satellite, Hybrid, Map, and ArcGIS Satellite)
01/02/2023: Version 23.0SP1
  • Improved fluidity of web layers and Navionics charts display
  • Improved display quality of waypoints and symbols under XP when using map orientation
  • Review of the display settings window More information in the documentation
  • Improvements specific to Linux/MacOS/ChromeOS via Wine
    • Enhanced display quality with the support of Direct2D technology under Wine (see installation documentation)
    • Map orientation feature is now available, bringing compatibility to 100%
    • The official version of Wine 8.0 is available as a stable version, making installation easier
  • Fixed margins that could appear around Navionics charts at certain scales
  • Installation fix: default polar installation was missing
14/01/2023: Version 23.0
  • ScanNav can now run on Linux, MacOS, and ChromeOS
  • The installation procedure has been completely revised
      A new installation system has been adopted, and it is now possible to update any version with a single installer, which greatly simplifies the installation and updates of ScanNav, and eliminates the recurring problems related to Windows Installer. This new installer also makes it possible to be displayed in all the languages available in ScanNav (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian)
  • You can now be automatically notified when a new version is available. More information in the documentation
  • Documentation structure has been revised
    • The navigation inside the documentation is improved
    • It is possible to print it in a simple way.
    • Available natively in French and English, it is now possible to consult it online translated into most languages (automatic translation).
    • More information in the documentation
  • The Grib and Currents settings windows are now non-blocking. More information in the documentation
  • Correction of partial display of some BSB charts that are not North Up
  • Correction of small memory leaks on reception of Nmea2000 from the Miniplex
  • Miscellaneous minor changes
28/09/2022: Version 22.2
  • Routing Module Improvements
    • Grouping of route plan windows by tabs
    • Possibility to delete departures in the list, or to create new departures
    • Menu to create/copy routes/tables, or add new departures directly from this window
    • Simplification of the main window with just one "Routes" button in relation to route plans
    • Clarified choices on isochrone duration and best start intervals which are now a list of choices in hours/minutes.
    • Minor bug fix: multiple calculations of the same routing could have slightly different results
    • Miscellaneous minor improvements
    • See updated documentation
  • Strong improvement of GRIB download services
  • The simultaneous launch of several ScanNav sessions in navigation mode, which caused various problems, is now blocked.
  • Correction of display anomaly of gribs and currents on the 180° longitude boundary
  • Adjustment of bearings tool to compensate for erroneous entries (excessively long distances going above the poles)
  • Miscellaneous minor changes
10/08/2022: Version 22.1SP1
  • Fixed water level calculation engine incompatible with 32-bit Windows systems
  • Various minor fixes
10/06/2022: Version 22.1
  • New interface to manage repeaters (see documentation)
  • Synchronization of the display of Gribs and Currents (see release notes)
  • Added Grib model "AROME UHD" at a 1km grid step (see list of models)
  • Visualization of routings synchronized with gribs and currents (see documentation)
  • Interpretation of additional Nmea 183 sentences and Nmea 2000 PGNs (see release notes)
  • Correction of the iKonvert interface in N2K output
  • Correction of the OpenstreetMap layer not accessible in the "web layers" module, and addition of an additional variant
  • Signing of the installation packages with a certificate to avoid Windows SmartScreen security warnings
  • Koden Radar module available on request
  • Various improvements/fixes
    • on adding/deleting waypoints to routes
    • on RSD interpretation (cursor position) from MARPA interface
    • warnings when using Datum different from WGS84
    • Routing: Added launch icon in toolbar(see documentation)
    • Routing: Possibility to hide the summary in the route plan window(see documentation)
    • Routing: Fix on turning points that may not be detected
    • Complete review of the display of objects and grib+currents for better fluidity especially with large data bases
    • Correction on GPX Import: no error message was displayed when reading an invalid GPX file
    • Fixed minor issue with display of Gribs when switching to daylight saving time
    • Corrections of problems related to invalid data (invalid grib files, old maps with excessive deformation,...)
    • License activation issues if spaces are included in the product code
    • Other minor improvements...
  • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2022/2023 (data valid up to 2/1/2014)
  • SnMap Charts: Latest released edition on April 15th, 2022. Click on the links to see the details of the Raster SnMap, and Vector SnMap offers.
05/02/2022: Version 22.0SP1
  • Fixed issue on the GPS Model setting which returned to "NMEA183 Generic" when launching ScanNav
  • Improved display of tooltips, especially when overlapping different tooltips (Object info, Grib, and Currents)
  • Fixed potential memory leaks when using very large Grib files
  • Improved readability of wind feathers when winds and currents are overlayed in the same area with color filling
  • Various small improvements and fixes
13/12/2021: Version 22.0
  • Routing
    • Swell support
    • Various improvements especially on the creation and export of routes
    • See updated documentation
  • Nmea 2000
    • Native NMEA 2000 support via MiniPlex encapsulation in addition to Digital-Yacht and Actisense
    • Native NMEA 2000 output via Digital Yacht and Miniplex adapters
  • SNTides: addition of the tactile interface to move the curve (Check documentation)
  • Touchscreen interface improvements, especially to make it easier to select objects and other interactions on the map
  • Various small improvements and fixes
07/10/2021: Version 21.2SP1
  • Ergonomics: The hand tool (tool for moving on the screen) now becomes the default tool when launching ScanNav
  • Imports of objects (all formats): A selector now allows you to do a partial import (deselect the elements to ignore)
  • Fixed temporary license issue when language set to German
  • Fixed issues specific to the Windows XP special version
    • Unable to launch ScanNav on XP (message "The InitializeCriticalSectionEx entry point was not found")
    • Gribs download and license activation issues due to https support on Windows XP
  • SnMap Charts: Latest released edition on October 15th, 2021. Click on the links to see the details of the Raster SnMap, and Vector SnMap offers.
27/09/2021: Version 21.2
  • New Grib models available (high definition currents with worldwide coverage, high definition "Arome" models for French overseas, GFS wind Gusts ...), and general improvement of the Gribs download service. Se our offers for Grib and Currents
  • Text Notes orientation can now be set to follow or not the orientation of the map.
  • Improved waypoint selection and refresh of associated text, especially when orienting the map.
  • Complete review of the download system, with implementation of https (secure web).
  • Optimized loading of web layer tiles.
  • Optimization of performance and memory management when using Navionics charts.
  • Appropriate display of Navionics error returns to determine the cause ("Mount failed" message).
  • Improvements and documentation of import of waypoints from text files. See documentation.
  • Lightening of the display of the heading line See documentation
  • Possibility of deactivating the "ais safety message" window (personalized configuration, contact us).
  • Correction on the "Map Orientation options" window which reappeared at launch, if it had been closed with the cross at the top right.
  • Correction of Position fix not taken into account on some Internal GPS.
  • Crash correction on selection of the "Internal GPS" interface, on PCs without any sensor.
  • Fixed import of some GPX files from PredictWind.
  • Correction of a potential application freeze (very specific conditions).
  • Fixed potential crash when using unbuffered rendering mode with ENCs (non-standard configuration).
  • Fixed display performance issues of ENCs on high zoom in, depending on the maps present.
  • Fixed a precision issue on interrogation of ENCs with very high resolution screens.
  • Minor improvements and Fixed various small bugs.
15/05/2021: Version 21.1
  • Completely revised Navionics chart integration, with a new display engine
  • Additional improvements on the display fluidity of layers (web layers, gribs, ...)
  • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2021/2022 (data valid up to 2/1/2023)
  • Various small improvements and minor bug fixes
  • SnMap Charts: April 2021 edition. Click on the links to see the details of the Raster SnMap, and Vector SnMap offers.
28/02/2021: Version 21.0SP1
  • Fixed unexpected error messages and slowness that could occur on Navionics charts
  • Fixed various small bugs
27/1/2021: Version 21.0
Preamble: The latest innovations requiring new technologies, 2 versions are now available:
  • Standard version of ScanNav, compatible from Vista and up to the latest versions of Windows 10. This version should be used if you have a recent version of Windows (Windows Vista / 7/8/10)
  • Specific version for Windows XP: To be used only if you are still under Windows XP or Windows 2000. This version is functionally equivalent to the standard version, but certain aspects may be degraded and / or slowed down, in particular for the display orientation and fluidity of layers.
Improvements and new features:
  • Possibility to display the chart "Heading Up", or according to any orientation, and a few functions specific to Inland navigation (More details here).
  • NMEA 2000: taking into account of new PGNs, with interface of new instruments (repeaters, logging, analysis ...) (More details here).
  • Digital Yacht nmea2000 encapsulation support
  • Improved fluidity of general display and web layers.
  • Possibility to start the GPS interface automatically (More details here).
  • Possibility to adjust the size of symbols in ENCS (More details here).
  • Various object handling improvements (More details here).
  • GPX format: Possibility to export GPX files with or without ScanNav extensions, to overcome import problems on other software (More details here)
  • AIS: possibility to use the AIVDO output of the AIS as a backup GPS, and automatic determination of your own MMSI number (More details here)
  • Routing: The display settings window is now non-modal so as to facilitate adjustments; General information added to the generated route; and other small improvements and corrections.
  • ScanNav launch Icon: The little red boat icon is now replaced by the ScanNav logo.
  • Various ergonomic improvements and minor bug fixes.
05/12/2020: Version 20.1SP1
  • Fixed an installation issue on the SHOMAR module, impacting calculations after 5/12/2020
30/07/2020: Version 20.1
  • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2020/2021 (data valid up to 31/1/2022)
  • Generalization to all types of objects of links and photos associated with waypoints (details)
  • Enhanced Notes with possibility to rotate/resize and change fonts(details)
  • Improvement on the editing of objects (routes / waypoints / zones / notes)(details)
  • New XTE repeater
  • Other miscelaneous improvements / correction of minor issues
17/05/2020: Version 20.0SP1
  • Adaptations for installing Vector SnMap packs
  • New Surface Wind repeater
  • Correction of the True Wind calculation for display in repeaters
  • Update of available Grib models for currents
  • SnMap Charts
04/12/2019: Version 20.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2019)
  • Routing module: Improvement of the algorithm, and new concepts of passage points versus turning points. More information in the updated documentation of the routing module.
  • Radar PC Module: This new module, designed to work with Koden brand PC radars, allows the Overlay of the radar image on top of your charts. It is available in Beta version as of version 20.0 of ScanNav. Please contact us for more information. The module will be made available to all with version 20.1, which will be released during spring of 2020.
  • Various ergonomic improvements
  • New Grib models available for currents
  • Various bug fix
  • SnMap Charts: new October 2019 edition. Click on the following links for more information on the Raster SnMap offer, and the Vector SnMap offer.
31/05/2019: Version 19.1SP1
  • New Features:
    • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2019/2020 (data valid up to 1/1/2021)
    • Improvement of the "Visible Area" tool to ease creation of waypoints (please refer to documentation).
  • Improvements/Corrections:
    • Fixed an issue on the Routing to pass the 180 ° meridian.
    • Additional support of Grib files, and improved parameterization of the SailGrib RTOFS model interface.
12/05/2019: Version 19.1
  • New Features:
    • New SnMap Vector Offer derived from ENCs. Click here to view the coverage.
    • New SAR (Search and Rescue) module: Search Patterns
    • Download and Installation of SnMap charts integrated in ScanNav
    • Version available in Spanish
  • Various improvements:
    • Distance to Waypoint independant Repeater
    • Arcachon current integration from SHOM map data
    • Optimisation of loading / display of Raster SnMap charts especially when zoomed out
    • New "Include World global shoreline" Option in the Recent Chart Libraries window
    • Various ergonomic improvements
  • Corrections:
    • AIS: When a boat is stopped, or if the anti-collision is not active, the distances and bearings of the targets remain at 0.
    • Workaround of a Navionics issue on installation of Navionics chart 43XG
    • Routing: correction of a small rounding error on the last isochron, that resulted in the chosen route not being the direct route, even with engine only and without currents
  • SnMap Charts: new April 2019 edition. Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
17/03/2019: Version 19.0SP2
  • Various corrections
23/12/2018: Version 19.0SP1
  • Correction of an installation issue on Navionics charts without any SonarChart
03/12/2018: Version 19.0 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2018)
  • Instruments and Sensors: Taking into account new instruments and sensors in repeaters and track-log.Click for details (at end of document)
  • Tracks analysis: New configurable interface completely revised, with possibility to add all types of sensors. Click for details
  • Strong performance improvement, especially on heavy tracks with numerous points.
  • Improved touch interface on tracks analysis
  • Polar file support improvements
  • Auto-Save: Periodic Auto-Save of objects in background (configurable period) Click for details
  • Navionics: Support of the Navionics SonarChart offer. Click for details
  • Recent Charts library interface to let you switch charts library very easily. Click for details
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and Corrections
  • NmeaPlayback: Support of the Standard NMEA183 V4 Tagblocks
  • SnMap Charts: new October 2018 edition. Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
24/09/2018: Version 18.1SP3
  • Strong performance improvement on long track display
  • Fixed various bugs
    • Crash linked to the contextual menu, followed by the opening of the file menu while the context menu is still open.
    • Problems taking into account the tidal coefficient when calculating routings using multiple current files.
    • The "Show Names" option on the AIS preferences tab was not kept between sessions
    • Small inconsistencies on installation of ENC updates, after manual manipulation of the charts library
22/06/2018: Version 18.1SP2
  • Correction of the "Best Start" routing function (was no more effective in version 18.1SP1).
  • Correction of the "APB" Nmea output sentence (generated a false arrival alarm on some pilots)
21/06/2018: Version 18.1SP1
  • Strong performance improvements in the display of the Track Analysis curves, especially on heavy tracks.
  • Fixed potential crashes in the Routing module
    • 1 - If you select an invalid Grib file in the routing grib file chooser
    • 2 - If you select a new routing (via the context menu on an existing route), while a Routing is still being calculated. This crash is neither systematic nor necessarily immediate.
  • Minor display bug fixes
06/06/2018: Version 18.1
  • Guides: click here for details
    • Integration of SHOM wreck database
    • Ergonomic improvements
    • Background work for preparing new guides
  • Routing click here for more details
    • Use of multiple currents or grib files .
    • Separation of input parameters for new routing, calculated routes
  • Gribs click here for more details
    • Improvements to the gribs download interface
    • Unique interface for downloading both fixed areas and by selection on the screen
    • Interface with new providers (SailDocs, OpenSkiron ...)
    • Highlighting of coverage limits
    • Ability to filter providers.
  • ENC management improvements click here for more details
    • Localisation of labels
    • Display of cell names
    • Improvements on the installation process
  • Various improvements (see release notes)
    • New interface for the visible area tool.
    • Guides and Object layers now use a common non modal selector with easier use
    • The Analysis window is more easily configurable.
    • Enhanced KML and GPX export to overcome import issues by some external programs
    • Import waypoints files in text format.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes
  • Integration of the new SHOMAR Edition 2018/2019 (valid up to 31/1/2020)
  • SnMap Charts: new April 2018 edition
  • Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
1/12/2017: Version 18.0/18.0SP1 (released for the Paris Boat show, December 2017)
  • Interface with new Guides: click here for more details
  • Internal work resulting in increased performances on several features.
  • Miscellaneous Improvements and corrections
  • SnMap Charts: new October 2017 edition
  • Click here to check packs coverage and latest updates.
Note: Version SP1 just brings the correction of a broken link in the installation.
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