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16/10/2021: New October 2021 of Vector SnMap Charts and Raster SnMap Charts
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Navionics Charts Offer

NEW : The support of Navionics charts has been completely revised in version 21.1, with better fluidity, better graphics, and new possibilities. Click here for more info

Distribution Media

Navionics charts compatible with ScanNav are the same as those used on compatible chartplotters on the market. They are distributed on the following supports:

Secure Digital (SD & MSD)

Compact-Flash (CF)

You can use the same chart on both your chartplotter and your ScanNav software. If you have a compatible plotter, it is therefore important to order the format supported by it.
Check the format compatible with your GPS plotter.

ScanNav supports both formats. Just use the USB reader supplied with the chart at the time of purchase, or any other standard SD / CF reader. The installation is carried out via an activation on the Internet.

Navionics charts catalog

Two Navionics offers are available: Navionics+ and Platinum+
The mapping part is identical in the 2 offers. The Platinum+ offer brings additional features such as 3D(*), aerial images, oblique views, and port info.
Differences between the Navionics+ and Platinum+ charts

(*) the 3D feature is not used in ScanNav

To view the available coverage, please select the following criteria.
  • The desired offer (Navionics+ or Platinum+)
  • Large or Small coverage.

Charts Updates
Navionics offers multiple update solutions:
  • Either an exchange of your old Navionics chart with a new Navionics chart. You need to send us your original chart, we will take care of updating it.
  • Either by purchasing a Navionics Update chart, followed by an online upgrade with a compatible chart.
  • Navionics Update charts also let you replace charts from other brands.
  • the update of Platinum specific data is only proposed through an exchange, as Navionics Update charts only update the nautical chart part.
On reception of the Navionics Update chart, you will be able to download the chart of your choice, by inserting your original chart to determine compatible charts.

List of charts compatible with Navionics Update on 1/1/2017:
    Navionics charts: Navionics+, Navionics Updates, Gold, Silver, HotMaps Premium, Marine & Lakes USA, SonarChart™ for Garmin GPS

    Charts from other Brands:
    • C-MAP: BDS, Essential, 4D, 4D Local, 4D Wide, 4D MAX, 4D MAX+, MAX N, MAX N+, MAX-N Bathy, MAX NT and MAX NT+ on SD/MSD
    • Fishing Hot Spots on SD, MSD, and MMC
    • Garmin: BlueChart, BlueChart G2, Vision, LakeVu, LakeVu Ultra on SD/MSD
    • Lakemaster for Humminbird, LakeMaster ProMap for Lowrance and LakeMaster for Lowrance (Newer versions)
    • Lowrance Insight and Lowrance Insight HD on SD/MSD
    • Lowrance NauticPath on MMC
    • TrakMaps for Garmin on SD/MSD including the Demo Cards
    • TrakMaps for Lowrance
    • Magellan BlueNAV XL3
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