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update: 31-08-2014
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ScanNav Download Page
The new 14.1SP1 release is available!!

Click here to list the history on modifications between versions 7.0 and 14.1SP1

Please consult the release notes for the new features documentation (sorry, this document has not yet been translated, it is an automatic translation from Google Translate).

  • To upgrade from versions 14.0 or higher, please see below
  • Releases 13 and older must first be un-installed before installing the 14.1 full package (the licence and personal files (charts etc...) will be kept) 

Click here to download the full ScanNav version 14.1SP1 (26892 Kb)

To install: double click on the downloaded file, and follow the instructions

NOTE: In order to install, you need to have Windows Installer present on your pc (standard starting from XP SP2). It is downloadable on Microsoft web site if you don't have it installed. Click on the following links:

Upgrade from versions 14.xx
If you already installed a version 14.0 or above, you can limit to installing an upgrade
Click here to download the upgrade from 14.x to 14.1SP1 (3656Kb) (Version 14.0 minimum pre-required)

To install: double click on the downloaded file, and then on button "Repair"

Previous Versions

Starting from version 8.1C4, users for which the license is more than a year old need to purchase an upgrade, available on the order sheet (see terms and conditions)

If your license is too old to run the latest version of ScanNav, you still may use a previous release. 

No support provided:


Notes for users upgrading from previous versions (6.0 or older)

·        Any previously installed version must be unistalled before proceeding (the licence and other personal files such as charts etc... are not removed)

·        Default directories have changed starting from version 7. Files such as Objects and Charts libraries that were previously saved in the ScanNav installation folder are now located in the "ScanNav Settings" folder under the standard Windows "My Documents" folder. At first launch of the new version they will be automatically be migrated to the new folder, but will not be removed from the original folder. In case of trouble-shooting you may recover them fom the previous folder.

·        Please consult the release notes for further details

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